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Testimonial from an owner: An unforgettable trip starting in El Espinar, Segovia, we went through La Garganta del Rio Moros towards Madrid province via the top of El Cerro Malejo mountain(1774m).As the trunk was full of provisions for the journey we enjoyed ourselves with a picnic on the grass with the marvellous landscape and Cercedilla at our feet. After lunch we continued towards Fuenfria mountain pass (1796m) and back over the Marichiva mountains (1753m) where our mare still felt fresh enough to put on a strong trot.

Another customer who takes part keenly in the "Rocio" (very famous and difficult day out to visit the sanctuary of Virgen del Rocio, where hundreds of wagons pulled by horses and oxen through the "Coto de Doņana" in Huelva) said that while other wagons had to be abandoned in the soft sands his cart did the whole trip without mishap. This cart has a wider axle to cope with the deep Rocio ruts.

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